BoomStick by BoomCloud 360


“In a few weeks of testing, I found that the BoomStick made a pair of $10 headphones sound even better than $200 Beats by Dre Solo2 headphones (without the BoomStick). When I used the BoomStick with the Beats headphones, the sound was off-the-charts awesome.”

David Goldman, CNN Money

“The biggest addition for me though was the space between instruments and voices… made listening with on-ear headphones feel more like sitting in a brilliantly-tuned room and I really enjoyed it. Of the five people I tried this with, not a single one preferred music without the BoomStick over music with it.”

Stephen Pulvirent, Bloomberg

“This will make your iPhone sound SO much better… It also clarifies the individual instruments and song components… Additionally, vocals sound fuller…We have HD and 4K for awesome video. It's about time we start listening to audio that's just as good, too.”

Christina Bonnington, Refinery 29

“The soundstage is broader, with better separation between the various instruments and voices you're listening to… BoomStick now offers another route, and it's one sufficiently rewarding to the ears that even those who've upgraded their cans should consider granting it an audition.”

Chris Davies, Slashgear

“The BoomStick makes any wired headphones sound better… you hear more detail… there's definitely an appreciable and welcome difference in the way it enhances what you're listening to… That's the big selling point for the BoomStick: flexibility. It's not limited to any type of headphone or audio source”

Sean O’Kane, The Verge

“unlike lossless compression, you can actually hear the difference… So whether you’re an audiophile who already invested in premium headphones or just a casual listener forced to buy cheap earphones at the airport, the BoomStick will certainly make an audible difference.”

Oscar Raymundo, Macworld

“…but the add-on does seem to offer some improved clarity. The difference with film trailers is more apparent… the experience does feel a bit more like seeing things at a movie theater, particularly with that bass grumble… It's a compelling technology”

Brian Heater, Tech Times

“Developed by BoomCloud 360 and to be showcased at CES 2016 taking place in Las Vegas, BoomStick is now the in-thing in quality audio music entertainment from now onward – transforming the way consumers enjoy audio sounds from their headphones.”

Charles I. Omedo, I4U News

“The BoomStick gives your stock earbuds a major sound quality boost… I was left with a much more satisfying low-end responsiveness in addition to considerably more dynamic vocals and high-end quality.”

Lucas Matney, TechCrunch

“Music lovers looking for better sound quality may find the answer in a new device called BoomStick…Music gets a bass and sound detail boost”

Yahoo News

“The Coolest Gear We’ve Seen at at CES So Far… Hand to god, it works: Even in the din of CES, a pair of mediocre headphones definitely—hugely—improved the sounds.”

Molly HcHugh, Wired

“In the realm of audio, the gadget that’s been catching plenty of attention this year is the Boomstick… Is the Boomstick the beginning of the future for audio?”

Adam Molina, The Sound Guys


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