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How do I turn the Boomstick on?

Just slide the on/off switch to “ON”, and the power LED will illuminate.

How do I turn on the BOOM mode?

The BOOMSTICK powers on with BOOM mode turned on. After turning the unit on, the BOOM button LED will illuminate to indicate that BOOM mode is on.

How do I turn on BOOST mode?

A long press on the button will activate BOOST mode for even more enhancement effect.

How do I charge my Boomstick?

Plug the included USB micro cable in the USB micro port on the side of the Boomstick. The battery LED will begin blinking indicating the unit is charging. Charging is complete when the battery LED stops blinking.

What is the best way to prevent my Boomstick from being damaged?

Always try to transport the Boomstick in the included nylon zipper case that came with the unit or some other protective case.

I lost my user guide, where can I find it?

Please download the user guide here: User Guide

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